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So I figured that tonight would be a good time to catch everyone up with a “brief” report on whats been going on down here recently. I know I have not covered everything, and I know I could go into much deeper detail on many of these topics, but I have tried very hard to keep this post to a nice easily-digestible size for once. πŸ™‚

English In Argentina Takes Several Giant Steps Forward

What an exciting time to be working in the English field here in Argentina. We are finally starting to see some developments in the English field in other parts of Argentina. In general the brothers taking the lead in the work here in Argentina tend to be quite conservative in opening up new fields, e.g. starting new groups, trying new methods of covering the territory (new ways of finding/reaching English speakers), expanding the territory (targeting locals who speak English as a second language), etc. This is in sharp contrast to other branches in our “area” such as Brazil and Ecuador that were started at the same time as us, but due to rapidly implementing changes in their methods based on experience have seen growth to the point of having entire circuits and districts of English.
Rosario English Group

Rosario English Group first Public talk and Watchtower study.

But recently, we have seen the a number of exciting advancements of our work. Last month a new English group formed in the city of Rosario some 150 miles north of BA. It’s being headed up by an American couple from our hall who has moved there to help out.

Also in Mendoza about 800 miles west of us at the foot of the Andes mountains, the very first trial English meeting there attracted 98 and work has begun to form a group there. A brother there has been awaiting this day for a while, he has been collecting English addresses all on his own for several years, he now has about 800 English addresses just in the one city!
Further south in Bariloche, (Patagonia) a brother from our hall was recently there with his wife on vacation and a small group of brothers asked if he would give an English Public talk. After talking with the Elders the small group of publishers (2 american families and some of their friends) were told that maybe they could have their own Watchtower study once every 3 months to start. But after the CO heard that they already had about 20 ready to work in English, he pushed for a group to be started right away! Now that small group is officially sponsored by one of the local congregations and is performing census work to gather territory for the brothers to work.
Anthony, Gilda and Dominick

A picture of Gilda and I with Anthony, one of my Bible Studies from Nigeria.

We also had our first ever english Special Assembly in April! Interestingly, the brothers arranged for the entire program to be handled by brothers from outside congregations, including all of the parts, and even the attendants and sounds brothers-all so that we could all be free from assignments and fully enjoy the program. We are also excited for our first English circuit assembly to be held next week.

Our Congregation Steps Up To Meet The Needs of Our Territory

Hustling For Service Money In Argentina

Watching my study’s “shop” on the busy street during a normal day preaching in Buenos AIres English.

In our hall we have many Elders and Servants, in addition to somewhere around 20 or so pioneers (Out of 63 pubs). This week we were also pleased to have 2 new elders, Fernando and Aaron, as well as 1 new servant appointed, Myself πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So while I don’t really have a ton to do in the hall itself, in the ministry my fellow

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(brother) pioneers and I average about 4 studies each. I have a progressive study from Nigeria who has been coming to the meetings and whom I hope will soon want to become a publisher or join the school. I also have a study from Ghana that I go to study with late at night around 9 to 11pm. The best part is that he lives in a bad part of town, so I go carrying only my bible, my books, and not much else. Always an adventure, always exciting and always worth the effort for someone so appreciative.

On the Personal Front…

I think some of you might have heard that Gilda and I are now engaged! So yeah, thats kind of cool… πŸ™‚

Gilda and I at the Memorial

While others would shutter at the thought of a being in a relationship made of two people from very different cultures, who themselves are quite “different”…we have decided we can make it work. Relationship aside there are still several matters, which due to our unusual circumstances are decidedly more complicated than those faces by your average couple.

(1) Now begins the ever-fun task of working through emigration regulations for 4 different countries to get the process finalized. (I have American and Italian Citizenship, Gilda carries Argentine and Spanish) so thats bound to be fun. (2) We also need to plan a wedding here, and (3) some kind of parties back home in Chicago and in California. (4) We need to organize our honeymoon to somehow fit in the middle of the first wedding here, and the additional parties in the States. Thankfully, due to some creative work with frequently programs and credit card point systems, I have managed to accrue for ourselves about 175k miles/points for use on our honeymoon. Thats should be enough for the roundtrip tickets (60K each) and to whittle down the hotel bill wherever we end up stopping for the honeymoon (thinking Belize or somewhere around there).
So figuring out all of that should be gleefully distracting for a while. In any case with both of us in school, pioneering, and working it makes for a very busy life for us both for the next few months especially.
Anyways I think thats it for now. I hope everyone back home is doing well and missing me πŸ™‚ Please send some emails down so I can hear whats new with all of you. We miss our dear friends back home and love hearing from them whenever we can. Take care, be good, and hopefully we will hear from you soon.


  1. hey dominick. nice to read your update; it looks like i’ve missed a few – blogger alert has failed me. πŸ™ glad to hear all your good news! and i feel like your writing had deepened. also, different post, but nice use of hubris. major vocabulary points! and thanks for the pictures – i hope i get to see it all in person soon. love, paula

    • Glad to hear from you. I hope all is well there in NY. Still delightfully out of conventional work and picking berries for the Lord? I have a friend coming to visit from bethel here to Walkil and possibly Brooklyn in September…nice young guy named Andres, he could use some nice girls to make him some dinner one night for him while he is there in town… πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment. As for the vocabulary, I can only say that it must be because I have been reading to much F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemmingway…

  2. Hi Nick, Congratulations on everything!! especially your appointment- I love the way you write! You make it much more interesting to read- so much going on down there- I hope we get to throw you a party when you come back to the states- WE love Gilda- you two are going to ‘rock’ Argentina- if you havent’ already-
    May Jehovah continue to bless you as he has already!

    • Thanks Mama Chris…I hope you can come for the wedding…looks like it will be mid-late March 2013. I hope everything is going well with you and Duds…be good.

  3. you two have been very busy with alot! im very proud of you both. the english going on down there, the studies. that awesome!!! and i cant wait for the wedding! i miss you guys alot. i hope when you come down for the party in chicago that we can hang for a day depending on how long your both in for. life here has been HOT! too hot for my liking…we started playing hockey on sundays now too. so we get 2 times a week. and it keeps growing with friends. my sister is getting married feb 16. i think i mentioned that before, and you remember abby perez from here. she is one of my closes friends and she is dating one of my closes guy friends. those two are fun to be with. anyways i have to get back to work. love you both! keep up the good work!

    • Nice to hear you are surrounded by so much love…who is Abby going out with these days?

  4. I am so happy for all of you. Very best wishes. I am saddened by the fact that I cannot be there to help (I remember our service day in Flores) but I am with you in spirit. Carry on my good son.

    • Thanks papa CrystalBall… We miss you down here beefcake…when are you coming back for a visit?

  5. We are so happy for all of your awesome news!! It sounds like you have a lot to look forward ahead of you! So what are your goals as a couple? Do you guys plan to stay their and help out English, or Bethel, or Bible School for Christian Couples?? We can’t wait to see the two of you dancing through you blessed spiritual life! Hope to be able to see you when you hit up the Chicago area! By the way, when is the wedding? And is their way to send stuff to you from the States? Like an address?

    • Only if you send good booze or chocolate… πŸ™‚ Thats the only time I give out my address πŸ™‚

      • Both of which we happen to have access to…lol But for realy we really hope to see you guys when you head back up to the states!

  6. Hey Nick,
    Congrats on the appointment. I knew it was only a matter of time. Good to hear field reports from around the world. Since I can’t spend as much time in the ministry as I used to its good to hear that you are giving it your all. Things are going good here at bethel. I am currently on a 6 month term which ends in August. Hopefully they give me year extension. My parents just came out which was a nice visit. Continue giving your all the Jehovah. May he bless you and Gilda. See you soon.

    • Dan-The-Man…How are you capo? Always making us so proud there little guy…with the whole Bethel thing and such. You need to come down here after you get out of your contract at the big house there…or at least for our wedding. Give me a call one of these days and we can catch up. P.S. I have a Bethelite friend from my hall here coming to visit Wallkil in September for a few days…do you mind taking him around a little bit and playing with him? I’ll give you all the details when we talk on the phone…

  7. Nephew:) So happy to read about all the exciting things happening for you right now! So very proud of you & wish you & Gilda much happiness in the future! You make a beautiful couple & just can’t wait to meet her someday! Not much new here except for the shiny little Mustang sitting in our driveway (proud new owner-Kelly!) She will be a senior this year & Megan a freshman at Batavia H.S. so they will have fun riding together in that! We love you very much, keep up the good work & stay in touch!~ Much love, Aunt Kim:)

  8. You smell like feta cheese.

  9. Hey there Nick! We had a roofing project last weekend in Bellwood and the gang was asking about you, so I thought I’d check up on how you’re doing. That’s so awesome to hear your good news! Jehovah has richly blessed you with the life you’ve made and will no doubt continue to do so as you start a new chapter in your lives together.
    Lots of love from your Galena family!

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