Wedding Photos – Introduction & Master Thread

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And now, let roll the photos...

And now, let roll the photos…

Finally, the one post that you actually want to read. 🙂 It has been just about 5 months since our wedding, but I have finally prepared the photos for easy dissemination with you. As you can imagine, we have ended up with quite a few photos from our wedding (over 1,700). So I have pulled a few tricks to make all of this easier to share. Please see the outline below for information on how to view them. And remember, we love hearing from all of our friends and family, so please leave as many comments as you can… 🙂

How To View Our Wedding Photos

Below you see links to the two different posts on my blog with all the photos from different parts of the wedding. For a more condensed overview you should use the first two links, which go to the slideshows made by Suzanado our photographers. Otherwise, check out all the different parts of our wedding with the links below:


Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos – Civil Ceremony

Wedding Photos – Morning of The Wedding

Wedding Photos – Talk

Wedding Photos – Couple Shots in Buenos Aires

Wedding Photos – Reception

Wedding Photos – All Photos Together (If you prefer not to have to open five different pages)

For those of you would would like to view and download higher quality versions of the photos you can find two folders here on Google Drive where you can download and view all of the photos.

Good Drive – All Photos (All of the final images from the photographers)

Extra – Wedding Videos

Special thanks to Mathaus for taking the time to upload all of these for me. Here you will find our first dance, parts of our wedding talk, etc. Enjoy!

YouTube Links: – Before the Wedding II – Civil Wedding – Gilda Walking Down – Wedding – I Do – First Dance/Tango





  1. That was one of the best, fun, different, out of country wedding I have/will ever be to. And probably the only out of county wedding also. (Lung/planes)

    We were extremely happy we could make it to your special day. Fun experience and met a lot of new people/friends.

    It was really awesome. And we had so much fun.

  2. I’d never get tired of watching these photos. Such a talented couple of ph, and beautiful couple of models. 😀 Congrats!

  3. wowwww the best pics that i saw in my life !!!!!! i love it, thousand and kisses for you my son and my daughter i love u so much….congrats jah bless u 😉

  4. Dominick & Gilda…I have been saving watching these videos & viewing photos until time I can dedicate to REALLY enjoying your big day. It’s a cold windy night in the Midwest, perfect to evening to watch your wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL…hermosa… Gilda of course is a stunning bride and her inner beauty radiates making her the most charming bride. Dominick you bring your classic style that is so lacking in todays society. And just from looking at the photos I can feel the good vibe the event had. Hugs to you both and I do hope to see you again soon.

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