Petting Tigers, Midnight Studies, & Living Standards Clash

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Greetings friends and readers! I just got back from a long day in the field ministry, ad I wanted to through something new up for you to read and enjoy.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only line of communication back home from this place. However this is only because I constantly forget that I am not alone in my efforts to share the wonders of Buenos Aires. In fact among my friends and congregation we have many that produce admirable works about their life here. As much as you may find my experiences here to be fascinating and inspiring (thats a little much I think), I often times find that reading about the experiences of my fellow expats can be quite enlightening. In fact I especially appreciate reading their take on events which I have previously written about myself.

Tonight I wanted to share 3 posts I feel are excellent reads, and will enhance your appreciation for the city that I love so dearly…

Xerxes and Argentine Infrastructure

The first one is from our good buddy Xerxes aka “The Mad Persian”.

Xerxes is a good friend and excellent young elder at our hall, hailing from the great state of…Connecticut (?) He has been a Ā great help to us here in the English Congregation through his amazing talks, calming voice in times of distress, and cheerful companionship in and out of the hall. Even if at times he is a bit of a “Jerkxes” (ok more than a bit…more like nearly all the time), he is still one of those few people you never want to leave.

As Xerxes is a fellow American expat, he is a good sounding board for those times when living in another country can just get oh so frustrating…Xerxes himself had a lovely experience dealing with what we call the “Argentina Business Model”. Basically it describes the Argentina mindset during business; they are doing you a favor by selling you something, its your loss if you decide never to come back due to dissatisfaction. He had some amusing experiences, and notable insights in his latest blog post here:

Heartwarming Ministry Account & Tiger Taming

Our dear Aaron and Sara…what would we do without them? As collectively our largest friends (like someone ran the sizer bar on the screen a little further up than normal), we enjoy having them form our late night service posse when we go African hunting in the wee hours of the night in some of the cities seediest areas. Coming to us all the way from Seattle these two lovable buddies of ours definitely are a joy to have, to hold, to drink with, eat with, and kill people with… I mean save people with šŸ™‚

Take a peak at two posts from Sara’s blog that are quite revealing. One showcases their visit to the Lujan Zoo just outside the city. This zoo is not the tiny petting zoo, no touchy the glass zoo you remember going to last…this one you jump into the cage and handle animals you would never dare to stare at. Outside of this zoo the only time you would feel comfortable this close to some of these animals is if there were serving as your rug.

This post is a brief description of some of the environments we get to conduct our ministry in. Here Sara relates the results of some of our late night African hunts, and how regularly going into less than admirable hotels late at night while avoiding street dwellers, and hookers that seem to be having an male/female identity crisis can be oh so rewarding. Enjoy!


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