Anthony & Dominick – (Literally) Worlds Apart, or Are We?

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I found this to be an interesting little concept, perhaps you will think so as well. Around the same time I originally moved full time to Argentina in September of 2010 to find adventure fortunes of experience, my good ‘ol buddy Anthony Pozzi was setting out on his our journey of self-discovery to South Korea. I found it ironic that Anthony who so often served as my intellectual partner in crime e.g. nerd to hang out at the book store with, discus literature, etc… was now embarking on a journey of self determination much the same as I was. The irony I have found in many of the different details of our separate yet seemingly similarly motivated journeys to the most distant parts of the Earth.

Case and point: Go to this site here, which shows you two points on the Earth that are directly opposite

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of each other and move the pointer to be directly over Buenos Aires, Argentina, and notice where the other point ends up…You will see that the place I have traveled too, is with 100 miles of the exact spot where Anthony now lives in South Korea… Perhaps other will not think that interesting that we somehow managed to both come to reside on exact opposite sides of our planet, but for me, I find it to be but one in a very long list of strange and ironic occurrences that only add to the uniqueness, and intellectually-perplexing nature of the paths two friends can walk that at times are so alike, other times literally worlds apart…

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