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Welcome friends, family, and visitors! I want to say thank you for taking an interest me, my life here in Argentina, and my other assorted musings/creative oddities by visiting this site.

Firstly, I think it would be a good idea if I explained what my motivations are for running this site. For me the experience of moving from my native soil to another country on the opposite side of the Earth has been dramatic in its effect on me. To describe my experience here using clichés such as “eye-opening”, “profound”, and “monumental” are but mere words that the bewildered use to express thoughts and feelings about experiences which are larger than their comprehension or communicative skills allow them to express adequately. I do not pretend to be above so many others in the art of communication, in fact I’m sure I fail to measure up to even the better half. However, I will endeavor to not take the easy way out and settle for providing your average travel writing experience by denying you and myself of a superior experience I know I can one day provide. This site will enable me to hone my skills as much as it will allow for you to hear my thoughts, feel my emotions, and see through my eyes as I present you with tales of my adventures from the far side of the world…

Secondly, you might be interested to know what my plans are for the type of content you will find on this site. Naturally, this new site shall be first and foremost about my experiences and continuing adventures living here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, I also wish to use this site to explore other creative outlets simultaneously. As such, I will be creating new sections along the way to showcase other things such as photos, creative writing, among other things.

I hope you enjoy what you are going to find here, and that it moves you more than your average reading material.  I firstly hope that you will come to see for yourself the joy that can be had from taking “the road less traveled” especially when you are doing so for noble reasons. Sadly, as is the case with most things in life, chasing adventure requires often painful sacrifices…for me the greatest of these has been leaving all of those so near and dear to me, and having to find my way in the world without them by my side. I hope these ones will be able to stay with me as I go along this path to wherever it may take me. The parting of friends is painful, but brings forth great rejoicing once reunited. I hope that as our lives have lead us take different paths, that we can be strong, and be reunited in the end at our shared destination.

Thanks again for reading…



Dominick DalSanto


  1. Hey Dominick- love the new website, really great. Good to be able to read about your experiences, looking forward to reading more.

    • Thanks Rea-Beans (I love that name by the way). I take submissions by the way if you ever feel like publishing your first grand novel somewhere in serial form 🙂

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