A Little Taste Of Home – Oh How Sweet It Is

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“If you keep searching for it as for hidden treasure, and as for gold itself…”

Ok so maybe it wasnt that hard to find this stuff here. But to say Peanut butter is “Not that hard to find” in BA is a terrible understatement. Just liking trying to find good pizza in San Francisco that has not been ruined by the dirty hippies with Pineapple, so it is that this amazing substance is a rarity indeed. You can sometimes find it in certain grocery stores near tourist areas. But if you do manage to find it, (usually some junkie brand like Peter Pan that is unnatural and bad for you) it will run you about about $15 USD. Strangely enough the best place to find this culinary gem, and anything else that’s outside of the “Argentine Norm” is in the city’s China Town.

So now i present the beauty that is…the PPJ

1. Take the most prized object itself

2. Jelly all the way from Patagonia…Que bueno

3. A vino bottle of Vino. It tastes better, and is better for you than Coke, for about the same price. (Is this place great or what?)

Add it all together and what do you get?

Answer: God’s gift to a young, hungry, American

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living abroad that is looking for a small taste of home…and that my friends is priceless.


  1. Ha! You know, is the same thing here in Brazil. The only place I can find peanut butter is at Liberdade, the Japanese district in São Paulo.

  2. Buy a good food processor and make it yourself. Muy easy!!

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